Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Simple Scuba Fix...

Ever find that your scuba regulator is breathing a little wet? Ever chew the tabs of your mouthpiece off? Well that can be a simple fix. Change your mouthpiece. With two simple tools you can quickly and easily change the mouthpiece on your scuba regulator.

Here is a video tutorial.


1. Gather and organize your tools: new mouthpiece, zip tie that matches the color of the new mouthpiece, wire cutters, zip tie tool or pliers
2. Inspect your old mouthpiece:  check for holes or tears, check if bite tabs are intact
3. Carefully cut off the old mouthpiece with wire cutters
4.Check if the new mouthpiece has an orientation:  Is the top indicated or is there a brand on the top?
5. Put the new mouthpiece on the 2nd stage
6. Get your matching zip tie and make sure that it is oriented downward and that the lock is on the right or hose side of the mouthpiece
7. Tighten it down with the zip tie tool or pliers if you don't have one
8. Cut the excess zip tie off so that it is flush with the lock
9. Presto!

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